The Players

Ricardo Raccoon

2nd grade

Ricardo acts a little immature and sometimes his feelings get the better of him. He and Sarina have a lot of conflicts that they need to work out. He loves to play soccer and is very competitive. He really misses his Dad who died in a car accident, but he likes living with his aunt and cousin Betsy who take good care of him. He has a lot to learn about making decisions and the consequences of his actions. He works hard at learning how to make healthy choices and taking care of his feelings. Ricardo has an easy time identifying with the new kid Amir.

Sarina Fox

3rd grade

Sarina is spoiled and annoying. She wants things to go her way and is often jealous of what others have. She is so used to being treated like a princess that she really thinks she is better than anyone else and fails to consider other peoples’ feelings. Sometimes she does things to act “cool,” like smoking. Fortunately Coach knows a lot about smoking and encourages her to learn the truth about advertising, peer pressure, and the health consequences of substance abuse. Sarina learns how to become a team player and use the Solution Stoplight.

Pete Porcupine

 2nd grade

Pete loves soccer! He just moved to the neighborhood with his Dad. They live with his grandmother because there were too many problems with his mom drinking. Sometimes Pete thinks it’s his fault that his Mom is an alcoholic, and he worries about her smoking so many cigarettes. Pete is often shy and quiet, but he is also a hot head and needs to learn how to talk about his feelings without pushing or yelling. He has a hard time trusting anyone because his Mom has disappointed him so often. Gradually he begins to trust Coach, learns how to be a team player, and gets really good at sharing his feelings using “I” messages.

Betsy Beaver

3rd grade

Betsy is kind, caring, and tries to help everyone, especially her cousin, Ricardo Raccoon, who is living with her because his father died in a car accident. Ricardo’s mom and Betsy’s mom are sisters and like living together. Betsy is sensitive to conflicts and when someone’s feelings may be getting hurt. She trusts the coach and often goes to her for help. She loves to play soccer and considers herself to be one of the stars on the team.

Coach Katrina Kangaroo

20 years old, attends community college

Katrina has lost her soccer scholarship at her university and now attends the local community college. In an effort to fit in with her peers, she started smoking and using alcohol, which negatively impacted her ability to play. Even though she’s disappointed and embarrassed about having to come back home, she enrolls in the local community college and volunteers to coach a newly formed soccer team of second and third graders in her neighborhood.
Coach is honest and truthful with the other characters. She wants to teach them important skills in addition to playing soccer like using good communication, thinking about consequences, and learning how to calm down before trying to solve a problem. She’s really smart and helps them learn about the Solution Stoplight, coping skills, the facts about tobacco and alcohol, peer pressure, and respecting differences. Coach Katrina is originally from Australia.

Footprints for Life is specifically designed to build students’ social competencies, which include planning and decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, peaceful conflict resolution skills, cultural competence skills, and resistance skills.

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